Monday, October 8, 2012

Speaking of Photography

My family recently took a camping trip up north. A couple things I really wanted to do (besides enjoying a fun adventure) was #1: to take a new family photo, and #2: watch the sunrise. I set my alarm, but the Little misters woke before it even went off. So we threw on a few layers (it was a chilly morning on the north shore) and walked down to the lake. I put my camera on a camping stool I used for a tripod, then set the timer and ran over the rocks (trying hard not to fall on my face). We took about a dozen shots. This one is one of my favorites:

Of course, I also really like this one as well:

These were a few of the last ones we took- I'm so lucky my husband convinced the little misters into cooperating for "just a few more". I think he mentioned "Marmee doesn't ask for very much, we can take a couple more photos". I love that Man!

I'm entering these to into a little photo contest over on Katie Evans Photography website. If you are on Pinterest click here and like one of my photos, please!

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