Monday, August 13, 2012

Photography: Camping Trip

We spent a relaxing weekend camping with my sisters, their husbands and my niece & nephews. I took a break from crafting to enjoy the peacefulness of nature. (I don't have any project to show you this week)

I did however bring along my big camera to snap a few nature pics. The State park had several trails to hike and we kept our eyes open for fun things to see.

My favorite were these tiny little orange mushrooms.

I love camping and can't wait to take the little misters into the woods again real soon. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend as well.


shana said...

amazing pictures! great job!

Margaret said...

thanks shana!

J&M said...

Love the mushroom picture. I would love a copy of this to blow up for my finished basement. Thanks for the fun times! It was an awesome park and C is already going through Aunt Meg and cousin withdrawl.