Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Great Grandma's Three Cheese Bread

I've been wanting to make more bread lately, because I enjoy baking and my family LOVES bread. I found this recipe in my Grandmother's cookbook she'd typed out. It was a recipe her mother used to make but that my grandmother never tried.

My Grandmother typed a cover letter in her cookbook that said a recipe is just a guide- tweak it, modify it, make it your own- that's what homecooking is all about. For someone (me!) who has to follow recipes to the letter- it was an interesting point.

Not sure if you can read it but I love it when she says "if the recipe doesn't turn out just like mom used to make, remember mom's don't always turn out 'like mom used to make' either". So true!

A three cheese bread sounded fantastic. I used what I had on hand which happened to be shredded cheese of assorted kinds. I also did not have a tube pan, so I formed one big loaf on a big cookie sheet. I think it turned out just fine.

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