Monday, July 23, 2012

Custom Pillows Cases from a Dress

I was asked by a co-worker of mine if I could turn an old dress she loved into a few pillows. She loved the fabric and wanted it re purposed so she could enjoy it on a daily biases.

I was able to make two 14x14 inch pillows and a 12x16 inch pillow from the material of the dress. The 12x16 inch pillow I salvaged the back zipper from the dress to be the closure on the back of the pillow.

The dress also had a side slit with buttons from the hem all the way up the armpit. So I re used all the existing button holes and made three new ones. Both 14x14 inch pillow opens with four buttons on the front. We used pre-stuffed white pillows for a quick easy project.

I hope she's happy with her new throw pillows adding a fun pop of color to her decor.

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