Friday, June 29, 2012

My Little Misters' Half Birthday Party

To make my Little Misters birthday party extra special; I came up with three activities that would be fun, magical and entertaining for my boy's and their friends.

{Activity One}  "Spin art" with Marbles...I still had these boxes from last year's Make a Mess Monday, which I decided to put out for the kids to do Marble painting. To make clean up a breeze I used a bucket on the facet for an outdoor hand washing station.

{activity two} Fish Pond... I remembered the movie "Pollyanna" where she fished for a prize at a bazaar. I used a giant piece of cardboard, some blue vinyl, and blue paint to make a fishing pond. I would have to say that it was a huge hit with all the kids.

The older children knew how it worked but didn't ruin the magic for the little ones. I asked my cousin to clip the paper fish (with candy taped to them) to the pole using the clothes pin attached to the line. She tugged on the line to signal the fisher kid to pull the fish out of the water.

{activity Three} Face was my Sister's great idea to use water color pencils to do face painting. Another big hit. Later on in the party it became more of a whole body art painting station...arms, legs & feet, but most of the parents didn't seem to mind. The kids were having a great time.

Overall, a Fantastic party and the boys truly enjoyed themselves. I love that it doesn't have to cost a lot to have a great time with little people.

What are your favorite activities to do at a child's birthday party?

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