Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beautiful Strawberries

We woke up Saturday morning and remembered that it was the first day of Strawberry picking season. My family and I headed out to our favorite pick our own strawberry patch for a fun morning of berry picking.

The berries were beautiful. We went last year, but I believe it was towards the end of the season. This year our box of berries was so bright, red and beautiful. The Little Misters sampled quite a few straight off the vine.

We picked about 16 pounds, though we only meant to pick about ten. Can you blame us... just look at them.

We took them all home and while the boys napped we were able to make 15 jars of fresh strawberry jam.

I'm hopping to make more jam, we just need more canning jars. I think a strawberry/ rhubarb combination or a raspberry, strawberry, blackberry {triple berry} would be super yummy to try to make.

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Marie-Paule (France) said...

Really, strawberry and rhubarb jam has very fine taste. I make this every year and it is very appreciated.