Monday, May 21, 2012

My Great Grandmother's Cookie Recipe

My Grandmother Marion {who passed away a few years ago} had a typewriter and loved using it. One of the many things she typed up, besides our family history, were recipes for my father. I recently "borrowed" his book of recipes from Grandma. While flipping through the collection I stumbled on a cookie recipe she included that was one of my Great Grandmother's. She felt it necessary to note that she had never tried making these herself. 

Honey Chip Cookies. Yum, who doesn't like honey and Chocolate. So I went shopping to get all the ingredients and whipped up a batch. Crazy Yummy. It's interesting that there's no sugar added- the sweetener is the honey. Plus I loved the family roots and connection I felt to the past while making these cookies.

The cookies are a little more cakey than crunchy, but those are some of my favorite type of cookies- soft. If you like a good cookie, why not try the recipe for yourself and enjoy.

I actually had to guess the baking time, as the recipe only told how to make the dough. So adjust cooking time and temperature as needed for your oven.


Vuong Family said...

I made these this weekend. They are delicious. And gone. LOVE. Thank you for sharing a bit of yummy history!

Margaret said...

So happy you enjoy them as much as me. Now the only problem is I want them ALL the time.