Monday, May 7, 2012

Little Misters New Sunhat

All the kids in my son's class have sunhats, which meant he really wanted one too. But the only hats I was finding for Little Man were a little too crazy for my taste. So I decided to search out a pattern and make my own. I stumbled upon this sunhat pattern and thought it would be easy.

I had only looked at that pattern, I hadn't actually printed out the pattern pieces. While I was cutting out the fabric I was just guessing. Turns out I should have printed the pattern out and it might not have taken as long as it took me to puzzle it out on my own.

I had to sew the brim three times- cause the first time it was too floppy, the second time I messed up, by the third time I think I finally fixed it. I used a piece of stiff felt inside the fabric to strengthen the brim. Little Man loves is the fact it's reversible; it's like he has two sunhats in one!

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