Monday, May 28, 2012

bringing joy through sewing

Just after posting these Bike Lounge pants that I had made for myself, my cousin wrote to me saying she loved them. She loved them so much she wanted custom pants for herself and her 5 year old son. I enjoy making things for other people, especially when it brings them a little joy.

I took a pair of my own son's pants to size these smaller bike pants. I wanted to make sure that I made them a size 6, but added a few inches extra on the length. The cuffs roll to be the right length for my cousin's son now, but when un-rolled they should grow with him. I added the white pin striping down each leg for a little more fun contrast.

AND after making two of these duffle bags for my two little misters, I decided I'd make one more for the car. I needed something to keep spare clothes neat and tidy in the back of our car in case of accidents. It's the perfect size to keep an outfit, underwear and extra socks for each little mister. It brings me a bit of joy knowing we always have extras "just in case".

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