Monday, April 30, 2012

Rebuilding a Beloved Bunny

It all started with a nose job. Little Man was carrying around a little piece of stuffing, calling it his "fluff". After a rather long-ish conversation, he told me that it had come from his beloved bunny's nose; which happened to have a hole in it. So I grabbed the smallest scrap of soft white fabric I could find and stitched a new nose onto Bunny's worn out nose, covering the hole.

The next week, dear sweet Bunny had a giant hole in his face. A pretty huge rip all the way across his cheek. It was time for a partial face transplant. Oh boy, the whole time I was stitching I hoped this repair would be acceptable to Little Man. He only had two complaints: that the fabric I used was "too hard" {not the same as bunny's new nose} and that bunny now had different color eyes.

I quickly explained Bunny surely would like his new stronger face and it would protect against future fluff escaping. That seemed acceptable explanation for a four year. You see, Bunny's become quite loved thin; He used to look like this...

Now he's looking more like this- with yet another hole I need to fix soon before he loses that ear. That snag in his left hand seems rather percarious as well.

I made a the brown shirt for Bunny a few years ago, but it too was getting old. Now that I feel a bit more confident with my knitting skills I set to work on a new shirt for Bunny, as long as we were in a rebuilding phase. Little Man picked out the yarn from my yarn scraps. I had just enough of the tan/ grey-ish color to finish, complete with arm holes, leg holes and a hole for the ever important bunny tail.

Bunny has been welcomed back into the loving arms of his Little Man: new shirt, nose, and face.

This bunny reminds me of the Velveteen Rabbit when he asked the rocking horse "what is REAL?"

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