Monday, April 16, 2012

My New Wardrobe Piece

I've been joking about how I should just make my own clothes and then I'd get the fit I really want. I like shrugs and own a few but they're just not long enough in the arms. I noticed the other day that they are also wearing out, one of them has a huge hole in it. It was time to put joking aside and attempt to make myself a new shrug.

I went to the fabric store in search of nice material that was still soft and cozy, and maybe something a little more dressy than knit/jersey. I found this grey soft suiting material and it just happened to be on sale! Perfect.

I laid out my material, but really wanting to make sure I got the fit just right I cut it out of scrap fabric first. Good thing I did cause I cut the fabric to small and it barely fit over my arms. Bummer. Using my mistake shrug, I was able to get the suiting material cut correctly, adding more width where needed.

All in all I'm pretty happy with my new wardrobe piece. I love the extra length on the arms I was able to get. I thought the white buttons up the cuff was a fancy pop of coolness. Now I've got a fun new shirtless sleeves to wear over one of my all time favorite shirts (the blue wrap shirt I'm wearing in this photo).

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