Monday, April 23, 2012

Make a Mess Monday: Window Art

We happen to have a glass front entry door. I thought it'd be fun to let the Little Misters color on the glass with white board markers. They loved it. We spent quite awhile doodling on the inside and outside of the porch door.

While out shopping the other day we stumbled upon these fun Crayola Window Crayons. They have a lid and twist up from the bottom when they get dull. The crayons are a bit bolder than the white board markers.  They wash right off the window but they don't wash out of clothes as nicely- be warned.

One door, two sides- a new art easel and it's not taking up any extra space in our house. A nice way to spend an afternoon.

I think we might take these on our next road trip, with maybe a small white board. We can doodle on the car windows, play games, keep score... all around multi-purpose entertainment.

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Herb Koguchi said...

This is a perfect art activity for them. Window decor doesn't have to cost a fortune. And, what makes this art special is that your kids make them.