Monday, April 9, 2012

Little Men and their weapons

I found these pillows on Pinterest. I'm not sure exactly how I'm supposed to feel about giving my boys weapons, but they seem to find a way to turn just about anything into a gun or sword. I decided I'd make something for them that might be a little more gentle than the sticks and rocks they were using.

I had a white sheet and fabric markers. So, during one nap time I drew an Axe and a Sword. I sewed them up and then using an old pillow for the guts I stuffed them as full as I possibly could.

I thought at the time I should really make two Swords, but the Little Misters surprised me by fighting over the Axe. We made up a game that we called "woodcutter". One boy stands still as the Tree and the other chops with the axe. When you've had enough you fall over and everyone shouts "timber". They really enjoyed it and I feel a little better that it's not exactly a weapon to kill, more of a tool to do a job.

The sword, well Little Man thought it also looked like a duck. I guess it doesn't need to be a horrible thing. What are your thoughts on imaginary weapons in your homes?

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rjherron said...

"Toast" can be a weapon, so you might as well give them something you are alright with.

Margaret said...

Toast, Really? I suppose it could. Sounds like a potential food fight in the making. I'm with you, might as well give them something to curve their need to fight with random things- gives those active boys an outlet.