Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Decluttering Kids Art

I have a stack of Little Man's art from the past year that's been getting rather big. I am sentimental but it's a little too much for this neat freak to look at. I thought I'd scan them in, but that was going to take FOREVER. Instead I broke out the camera and took photos of each an every piece of art.

I took a stack that looked like this and thinned it out to something more like this. I picked out my favorite pieces and will save them for a while till I figure out what to do with them. The rest I put into the recycling bin. {shhh. Don't tell Little Man}

Using the pictures I took of the art I put together a digital collage in Photoshop. My dad thought it'd be nice to have a photo of the art with Little Man holding it up. Although in theory it sounded nice, I didn't think I'd get him to cooperate. While shooting him drawing the other day I realized I already had the perfect photo of him to put into the collage. It showed his age, how he holds his pen lately and his face of utter concentration.

I'm thinking I might get it printed out as either a 12x12 photo to frame or enlarge it to be poster size.
What do you do for your kids art projects? How much do you save/ toss?

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Vuong Family said...

I LOVE this idea- I toss alot of the everyday stuff he brings home from daycare, but I do have a growing stack of things they've made... I stash it all in a tub, one for each of them. I think this would be lovely in a 12X12 frame. Love how you included the big stack as well as the photo of him doing his art. I'm going to definatley steal this idea! Hope you're doing well...