Monday, March 19, 2012

No one can have too many hats

I wore one of my hats that I knit to work and a co-worker loved it. She brought me the yarn (apparently she knits but didn't have time to knit a hat right now) and then paid me to make this one for her. I love making things for other people and not having to pay for materials... bonus to me!!

Then, as I'm still trying to use up my fabric stash, I put together a little hat for my niece. The Pattern is from the book I borrowed from my sister: "Carefree Clothes for Girls" by Junko Okawa. It's super cute. I'm hoping I can make the pattern bigger so I might be able to make one for myself.

Isn't my Niece's shirt adorable? My sister made it using fabric paint and freezer paper. I love the yellow on the grey shirt!

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