Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Knit Blanket Turned Pillow

I was digging through the little misters old baby stuff, wondering what to keep and what I can pass on. I'm done having babies but I have a few cousins expecting their firsts. I found the knit blanket I made for Little Man when he was about 18 months old. At one point during laundry it accidentally went into the dryer. Oh NO! It was now felted (the knit blanket shrunk to almost half it's original size).  I put it away as it was super small, but when I pulled it out the other day my sister said "why don't you fold it in half to make a small pillow?"

Well duh! That's a fantastic idea- why didn't I think of that. Little Man has quite the fancy for pillows because they make the best forts. This one is the perfect size and it's super soft. Yet another knit fix! Thanks Sis for the awesome suggestion.

{I stuffed a little pillow case, sewed it up and put that inside the knit striped pillow. I hand stitched the knit blanket into a pillow so that if ever I want to I can always make it a blanket again.}

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