Monday, February 27, 2012

My Travel Book using

A project I spent over a year putting together. I traveled quite a LOT during the ten years after High School. I took eight trips in ten years, traveled in ten different countries on four continents. During each trip I wrote in a journal- mostly of the places visited and things I did that day.

Last January, while sorting through some things I saw all my travel journals and thought there's got to be a better way to organize these {and all the photos} into something I can easily show my friends. So I started typing all my handwritten journals into a Word Document.

Next, came the photos. Hundreds if not thousands of photos were taken while traveling. The very first trips I took all my photos with disposable cameras (wow, how time has changed). I had all the negatives and the printed photos. I started by scanning in the printed photos, only choosing to re-print a small handful of my favorites.  It took quite some time using my old scanner {part of the project that was intimidating, to say the least} that's why it took me a year to make this book.

At the end of last year I REALLY focused on this project. Got the last of the photos scanned in and started playing around with maps and graphics. I'm not a graphic artist- but I'm really excited that it turned out as well as it did. I decided on only a few colors for my maps and only placed the cities I visited on the individual country's map.

Now if I only had a coffee table this is what you'd see sitting there all nice and pretty for you to peruse on your next visit, all 94 beautiful pages of trip photos and stories.

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