Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Make a Mess Monday: Sewing

I'm usually crafting... sewing, knitting, making messes and my Little Man isn't always content to just watch. I hear "can I help you?" a lot while I'm trying to get something created.

So when I got a letter from his teacher asking each family to make only one Valentine to exchange at school, I thought I might finally let my four year old help. In fact I attempted to let go and allow him do almost ALL of this project {there might be some who won't believe me}.

He picked out the fabric- finding all the red fabric scraps in my remnant piles. Then I cut them into long strips. He sewed the fabric- with a little help- through the sewing machine. He cut each and every thread with my sharp scissors (eek scarey- but he did a great job).

Next it was time to iron it flat so we could cut out the heart shape. Little Man LOVED stuffing the heart pillow. Once he stuffed it I sewed it shut for him. He asked to use a little yarn, so we used a blanket stitch to finish the edge. I pushed the needle through (it was a little too thick for him to get it) and he pulled.

Make a Mess Valentine Edition. Boys don't usually sew but it was a good excuse to spend some quality time together crafting. The only hard part now is convincing him we can make more to keep, but this one is to give away to a friend at school.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

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