Monday, February 20, 2012

Make a Mess Monday: Food Coloring

Plan A.
I saw this Milk Art project on Pinterest. I thought we'd try it out, but Little Man's Milk only turned it into a pleasant mud color because he wanted to stir it super fast. We did manage to dip the paper onto the surface of the milk/ food color to create a couple art pieces before things got too out of hand.

Time for Plan B.

Not sure why, but I have a bag of cotton balls (I never need them or use them). We filled the little art tray with the food coloring and dipped the cotton balls in. Using them as stamps, Little Man covered all the white space on his paper with vivid color.  Even Click joined the fun for a while.

Expanding on this Mess- which was very much a HUGE HIT... we got out the masking tape to make art based on another idea I saw over on Pinterest. Needless to say my four year old could have gone on painting all afternoon. He worked on the house painting for almost an hour.

Make a Mess Monday- yup, that's one colorful, successful mess. Surprisingly his hands were completely clean the next morning.

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