Monday, January 30, 2012

Some knitting I'm pretty excited about

The worst thing about knitting for me is having that little chunk of yarn leftover after a project. Not quite enough to really do much with, but I try to use it up if I can. Well, after I finished Little Man's Sweater I had almost a whole skein of the orange yarn left over. I felt like using it to make the Pointy Elf Hat from the "more last minute knitted gifts" pattern book. Then of course there was still a bit of yarn left- it ended up being just enough for a pair of orange wrist warmers- which I kind of made up as I went.

I think they turned out quite nicely, albeit a little funky. I LOVE the pointy Elf hat, so I made a second one for my youngest as well. Super cute.

And since I was on a roll. I made a little baby sweater and booties for my cousin's baby due in May... exciting stuff. These were two more patterns from Joelle Hoverson' s book. I would recommend her book by the way. I've already made more half a dozen of the patterns.

It's winter here and knitting makes me feel all warm inside. Especially when it works.

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