Sunday, January 8, 2012

Random Food Post: Baking up a storm

Aaahhh, the joys of baking. I love how a little flour, eggs and a few other ingredients can make so many different yummy things. The last few months during my "break" from blogging I've been baking a few of my favorites as well as trying new ones. First, these Jam Thumbprint Cookies:

Secondly, My mom has an Ebelskiver pan. I borrowed it and wanted to see if I could make this traditional Danish pancake. I watched this helpful video and learned how to make them round- most tutorials only flip them once, creating a more football shaped ebelskiver. They've been a huge hit around here- even my two year old who doesn't say too much asks for "more apple-skeevers, please!". So cute and so much fun to make that I can't stop making them.

The last time I made cream puffs was with my Aunt Kathy and truth be told, she made they while we watched. I followed the recipe and found that they're not as hard to make as I thought. Of course when it says to let them cool, but not near a draft it means it. Cause a few of mine fell, but were still pretty tasty. Wouldn't you like a taste?

I've always enjoyed baking, not much of a cook though. I guess it's cause I thrive on structure. Enjoy the eye candy and if you're in the neighborhood stop on by sometime, I'll bake you up a yummy treat!

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