Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Little Man's new Sweater

I started knitting a few years ago- just super basic super at first, like scarves and small blankets. When I got this book a while ago I started making a few different things starting to challenge myself. While flipping through the book I found an adorable child's sweater and thought I'd try it, even if I was intimidated by the idea knitting a whole sweater.

I showed Little Man the photo in the pattern book and he actually got really excited about it. I picked out a nice brown yarn for the primary color but also grabbed orange cause it's his favorite color. When I started I asked him how many stripes and where he wanted them. I was getting close to the neck and he told me "Mom, it NEEDS more ORANGE!"- so I added a touch of orange on the shoulders.  I think he was satisfied then.

I stayed up super late to finish it and I think he reaction was all worth the lost sleep. He was so excited that he had to put it on right away and ran around school showing it off to his teachers. Hooray!! That made my day.

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