Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dear Readers both new & old

First off thank you for checking in now and again to see what crafty goodness I've been up to. I appreciate that I can show off my crafts to the world at large while also keeping a "look what I've been able to accomplish" journal, so to speak.

Secondly, for those who were aware, last year I blogged about three times a week. I felt that it gave my blogging structure to have something to post Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I loved challenging myself to "get up and do something crafty". Mid November I took a break from blogging and during that time I have enjoyed not feeling the pressure (that I totally put on myself) to blog. I was free to craft without time limits and have been able to accomplish a LOT*.

With that said I will continue blogging, though possibly not quite as often as last year. Perhaps once a week I'll have some eye candy to show off. I DEFINITELY will be crafting with more passion than ever. I have a few projects that I've let slide a little too long and look forward to seeing those through. One project has taken over a year on & off and is still only about half way done. I'll tell you about that another day but it has to do with all of these.

Again, thanks for checking in on me and stop by when you can.

{* all the projects photographed in this post are things I was able to finish during my break from blogging mid-November till the new year. It's amazing how much I can accomplish by limiting my computer usage}

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