Monday, December 12, 2011

The Winter Bazaar

My office has a Winter Bazaar each December for a little holiday shopping leading into Christmas. A lot of local artists offering unique handmade things. I brought my twin sister again this year to help decorate the table and sell our wares. I think we had a nice variety of things: Kitchen towels, banners, belts, suspenders, bean bags, gift tags, and paper wreaths. Everything made of paper my sister made- everything else by yours truly.

Ps. I made that super cool tree stand to hold the belts and suspenders. I'll try to take a few photos of it, cause it turned out really nice and got my products up off the table. It was a great evening.


Andrea S. said...

Do you have any good ideas for teacher gifts that can be made? I'm having a hard time thinking of something really great.

Margaret said...

I love using Pinterest for fun ideas- I ran a quick search and found a ton of fun looking teacher gifts:

I gave my son's teachers a set of kitchen hand towels I made and a set of Christmas cards for their use. They LOVED them. Hope that helps...