Monday, December 19, 2011

A Super Easy neck warmer

The Little Misters prefer these neck warmers rather than scarves. I like them better too because they aren't easily lost and don't choke children when being pulled off. Here's a super easy way to make this one.

I cut off an arm off an old long sleeve shirt of mine (a soft jersey knit). Cut a piece of heavy fleece and put it inside the sleeve. Then stuff the end (the raw edge that was cut) into the already finished cuff. Making sure the length is wide enough to that it will stretch over a little person's head, stitch it all together and you're done.

Super easy and quick. It's already been put to good use this winter keeping little necks warm.

Ps. The cuff and stitch side I have laying on top {in the first photo}- is actually the back. Its a little stiffer and helps keep the back of the neck warm. The other side bunches really nice under the chin, but can still be pulled up to keep cheeks warm.

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