Friday, December 16, 2011

Handemade Display Tree

I tend not to throw things away that could eventually be useful in the future. Of course sometimes it's years before I put them to good use. Like this old bar stool top, the legs broke a couple of years ago but I kept the top and that which ended up becoming the base for my Display Tree.

I sanded it down and painted it white. I used the dremel tool to make a hole in the base for the tree branch I found in the yard. I screwed that in from the bottom to hold it in place. The branch was so nicely curved that I thought it would make a perfect asymmetrical tree.

I peeled the bark off as best as I could and then used the sander to smooth it down, which was pretty fun. I felt like I was peeling a giant carrot with power tools! Then it was time to drill a few holes for my dowels. I cut each one just a bit shorter than the last to create the tree look I was going for. I didn't glue the dowels in cause I think it'll be easier to put into storage being able to take them out.

I'm pretty excited about the whole look of it and am thrilled to find other uses for it than just a Display Tree for my belts and smaller products at Craft fairs. I thought we'd hang all the Christmas cards from relatives and friends on it. It's proudly sitting on our dinning room table. It's about three feet high. In total the product cost me $1.50 for the dowels, everything else I found in the house and yard.

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