Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Doll Sleeping bags & Pillows

A friend of mine was preparing for a long trip with her almost three year old twins. And I do mean a LONG trip- she was flying back home to India (it's about a 24 hour trip). She had already started thinking ahead and planning activities for the boys to do on the plane. One of those activities was what she was calling "take care". She bought two small dolls and needed a little blanket for each doll so the boys could put them to bed.

I went a step further, making pillows, a couple fun blankets and sleeping bags. Woody and Jesse kindly model these for me since the real dolls didn't come to play. While taking the photo Little Man decided that he would need sleeping bags and pillows for Jesse and Woody to keep.

So I whipped up a quick second set so that his toys wouldn't be too sad or cold.

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