Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blanket Stuffed Cube

I have enjoyed taking the pressure of myself to blog, and have been focusing more on making things rather than spending the time online in front of my computer. One of the projects I created is this super fun Blanket stuffed cube. 

I wanted a place to put some of the little misters extra bedsheets and blankets that we need regularly with unexpected night time accidents. It needed to be easy to get in and out of and still be something the boys could feel free to open and play on.

What a fun way to use the blankets as stuffing- and a few stuffed animals get to "sleep" in there as my son tells me. I added two 'windows' using this see through fabric so that his friends would be able to peek out if they wanted to "not get scared".

It went together really easily. I used french seams so I had no raw edges to fray. I found a 36" zipper that has a pull from each side- so it opened almost all the way up for easy loading and unloading. AND I got to use some of my favorite fabrics I've been hording. I think it's about a 14 inch cube which ended up to be just the right size.

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Vuong Family said...

Love this! So creative and it has a purpose!

Margaret said...

Thanks Brenna!

I actually think I could have made it bean bag sized and still stuffed it full of blanket. Which means maybe we have a few too many blankets around here : )