Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Woodland Creatures: Halloween Costumes

I saw this post over on Running with Scissors last May and knew right away I had to make a fox costume for Little Man. I loved her idea to take a pair of footed sleeper PJ's to get the size and shape just right. Then I used a hood from one of Little Man's coats. The ears were tricky- I used wire from a coat hanger to get the ears to stand up.

With the Fox costume done and a month left till Halloween- I decided to try another woodland creature for Click. We debated several animals till I settled on a skunk {the little stinker}. It's just a little too bad that Click's turned out a little small, he won't be able to wear it for very much longer. We had a tough time squeezing long underwear under his costume for trick or treating.

Of course, one of my favorite shops on Etsy sells masks. I saw her masks and fell in love with them, but I was not able to purchase the fox & skunk. I hate copying other artists, and definitely don't intend on making it a habit. I put together the boys masks with a few supplies I had in the house to finish off their costumes.

I took these photos a couple weeks ago and have been dying to show them off.

Hope you had a Great Halloween.

{There is a pattern you can purchase if you're not into winging it. I puzzled out the fox costume about a week before her pattern came out or I probably would have bought it. Oh and I also super love this mask}

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Jessica said...

I LOVE the skunk! I've actually been thinking how cute a skunk and black cat would be together. Both turned out so great! I too wing things, and yours looks great. I love the additional masks to finish it off!
Great job.