Monday, November 7, 2011

Make a Mess Monday: Glowing Balloons

I have to say, the more simple the toy the more joy small children find within them. The day before Halloween Little Man and I spent $1.50 on a bag of 15 balloons. Then we ventured to the nearest dollar store for $5 worth of glow sticks.

I saw this little trick over on the Play at home Mom blog- she put glow sticks inside of balloons and turned off the lights. I figured it was going to be a blast with my two little misters and their cousins on Halloween night.

Screaming, tossing, laughing, and a lot of waving the balloons around... completely worth the cost to entertain the small masses on a dark evening. Best $6.50 I ever spent.

We loved it so much last night we used the last of the glow sticks inside more balloons. After popping a couple balloons in the chaos of fun, the little misters got to take the glow sticks into the bath tub- which was also a huge hit.


shana said...

great pictures!
happy monday!

Margaret said...

Thank you Shana! You made my day. Happy Monday to you as well.