Friday, November 4, 2011

Autumn Felt Leaves

I made these Felt Leaves for part of the Woodland Creatures Costumes. My Sister and I were the trees in the forest for our little animals. We dressed in brown and safety pinned a few to our sleeves. {I didn't get a good picture of us as a big group or I'd share).

I wasn't going to make them cause I didn't think I could draw a fun leaf shape. As I was sitting trying to figure it out when my smart husband said "just go get a leaf from outside and trace it". Um Duh! After I finished feeling dumb for not thinking of that idea myself- I did just that cause it was a simple and easy. Once I had them all cut out I hand stitched the "veins" of the leaf with some embroidery thread. (I tried to do it with the sewing machine, but didn't like the result)

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