Friday, October 21, 2011

Upcycled Sweater Hooded Cowl

From one turtleneck sweater: I used the neck for this child neck cowl and the sleeves to make this pair of mittens. AND I used the body of the turtleneck to make myself this hooded cowl. This is what's all that's left of my old turtleneck sweater:

I used an old t-shirt body that had a few stains, but was soft, comfy and I loved the color.

I stitched it up just like the child sized neck cowl. Then once I got it on, I noticed it would make a nice head covering. So I sewed the bottom opened closed half way- creating a pointed hood.

I absolutely LOVE it. It's comfy, it's warm and when it's around my neck it lays really nice. If I put it up I can fold the cowl around to make a turtleneck cuff to keep my neck as warm as my covered head.

SO what do you think?

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