Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Project Flashback: Wooden Trunk

I found this in my parents storage barn a couple weekends ago when we were cleaning out some stuff. A project that I loved making but didn't need once I moved away to college.

I believe I was a young teenager when I built this trunk out of Plywood using a hammer and small nails. There were a few screws that attached the hinges but that's about it. My sister had an old army trunk that I REALLY wanted because of the pull out tray it had in it. This project was the first time I saw something and copied it... slightly modifying it to suit my needs (I wanted it deeper than the original). I saved up my money and bought the materials myself. Thanks to my father and Uncle*, who always let me play with their power tools, I was able to build my first ever huge wood project: this trunk. 

*My Uncle Tom was a Carpenter by trade. Every year my sister and I would go stay with my aunt and him for a couple of weeks at the end of the summer. My aunt taught us to sew and bake (Thank you Aunt Kathy!!), while my Uncle taught us how to respect and properly use his power tools. I sure do miss him and wish he was still around so I could show him all the projects I've made using those skills. I'd also tell him just how much I love him for taking the time to teach me.

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