Monday, October 31, 2011

Make a Mess Monday: Pumpkin Carving

One of my LEAST favorite things: sticky hands and gooey pumpkin yuck. But I attempted to enjoy carving this little pumpkin with the Little Misters. I see a lot of my quirks in my son and hope that I haven't ruined him for life. He refused to use his hands, not that I can really blame him- I only used my hand once to get a big chunk of goop. {It took all my will power not to get up and wash my hand afterward. I know, I know...}

We managed to finish cleaning out the pumpkin and then Little Man got to draw the face. He actually did a pretty great job making a few lines that I could use for the eyes, nose and mouth. He was super happy with it.

Can't wait to show you our Halloween Costumes later this week!

Happy Halloween everyone!


shana said...

I'm with ya :: I hate it too. Kirb always does it with the kids. They all seem to love it.

Margaret said...

Thank goodness I'm not alone on this! Yucky Pumpkin Goop.