Friday, October 7, 2011

Children's sized Cloth Napkin Tutorial

Take a Kitchen towel & turn it into personal child sized cloth napkins in just a couple of easy steps.
Let me show you how I did it:

First: Find a fun kitchen towel (this one was an old wedding gift that I love). Fold it in half and iron it to create a crisp crease. Then fold the half into thirds again iron the folds to make a straight crease to guide you.

Second: Cut along the creases with a scissors or rotatory cutter. Third: After cutting the towel into squares (approximately 6" to 8" square) Iron the raw edges with a 1/4" fold and then fold again.

Fourth: Now sew down the folded edge. To help the bulk in the corner cut the inner folds at a 45 degree angle. Cut your thread and you're finished. Now you've got a half dozen little napkins for dinnertime.

You can also use store bought cloth napkins. Each 12"x12" regular sized cloth napkin makes 4 smaller child sized napkins. I say child sized but I actually like using this smaller sized napkin on a daily basis verses the big one.

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Mrs. Bacon said...

I really need to make some of these. Very cute.
mrs. bacon
stopping by from the southern institute