Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Toddler Fingerless Mittens Tutorial

Materials Needed:
1 skein of worsted weight yarn - your choice of color(s)
Optional second bit of yarn in another color
One set of four double pointed US 7 needles

The Pattern:
Cast on 32 stitches, divide evenly among three needles. Join for working in the round (switch the last stitch with the first stitch) be careful not to twist the stitches. Round 1-18: Knit 2, Purl 2 repeat to end of round.

Here I turned it inside out so that I could knit rather than purl Round 19-26: knit to end of round. If you decide to add stripes change yarn now leaving the first color intact (do not cut the yarn). Knit to end of round 3 times in a second color. Bring the first color up and Knit to end of round 2 times. Bring up the second color again for the next stripe, Knit to end of round for 3 times. Bring up the first color again Knit to end 3 times. 

Start to Decrease: Knit 2 together, knit to end of needle, 3 times. 29 stitches remain, knit 1 round.
Repeat decrease round every other round 3 more times. 20 stitches remain. Then decrease every round 4 times till 8 stitches remain.

Cut the yarn leaving a long enough tail to thread through the remaining 8 stitches. Pull tight and weave in all loose ends. Turn it back out to admire your new Toddler Fingerless Mittens. These mittens will fit Infants to 24 months old. {pictured is my 20 month old modeling them}

For added warmth line them with a layer of knit or flannel fabric. Trace the shape of the mitten adding a seam allowance. Stitch the fabric together and then hand sew it into the mitten. Note that flannel doesn't stretch as nicely as Knit, take that into consideration when adding a lining.


rjherron said...

Fantastic model!!

Jenny said...

Love them! BTW, are you still planning on guest posting one week from today? Let me know... I have you on the calendar but I'll need your post by Tuesday. :)