Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The "I wonder" answer trick

Our almost 4 year old asks a LOT of questions from the time he gets up {"can I have breakfast soon?"} to the time the sun sets {"may I have another drink of water?"}. I'm sure many parents hear these and more questions from their own kids.

My son's new teacher said something very interesting at our first parent meeting. When she's asked questions, sometimes all she says is two little words...
"I wonder".   

WHAT?! Really?!  You can do that?

When I want to find an answer to a question I just jump on google search.  TA DA... so many answers right there at my finger tips. Great, if not slightly overwhelming. There's not much mystery left about anything anymore. Usually we give him a short answer that's on his level in response because questions beg to be answered, right?

Huh. Well... I tried it. When my son starts his twenty questions, I now occasionally throw in an "I wonder" response.  AND you know what... we've both become a little more thoughtful and reflective about answers to the questions that come to mind. I've even heard him tell me "I wonder mom" and then drop off into quiet contemplation. Isn't it nice to keep a little awe & wonder in the world.

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