Friday, September 2, 2011

A busy, productive work week

I had a lot to complete this week, and I think I got it all finished on time. While I had the sewing machine out to make a custom ordered set of bean bags, I threw together a couple extra ones. I am trying to use up a some of my fabric stash.
These two pretty beauties are now listed in the shop:

Then while the boys were playing, I was able to start a little knitting project. I have a new little nephew and he's going to need some outwear this winter. I figured I would keep him warm with a little handmade goodness. I hope to get these made by next week to show off.

I also had photos from a Senior Portrait Session that needed professional photo tin put together. Thankfully the Little Misters both took a couple of really nice long naps, which means I was actually able to finish it without missing out on playtime. Whew, happy to have a small break from my day job the next couple of weeks while Little Man starts a new chapter in his life: Kindergarten.


shana said...

Kindergarten? What in the world? Where on earth do you go to kindergarten when you aren't even 4? Yikes. Hope he loves it.
Take care,

Margaret said...

Pre-school,Kindergarten just about the same thing. The school calls it kindergarten, it's a mixed aged class 3 1/2-6 1/2 year olds. I think he'll LOVE it.