Monday, August 8, 2011

Make a Mess Monday: Weaving

A lovely commenter on my spider web post mentioned using cardboard for a weaving project when she was younger. Shortly after reading the comment from Jenny, I found a photo of a small weaving that looked rather fun. While my youngest was napping, Little Man and I started our own weaving project.

I grabbed a couple of scissors, a few balls of leftover yarn and cardboard. Cutting slits down the edges of the cardboard we attached the main strings and taped the ends down on the back side.

Little Man loved cutting the yarn. He was totally excited about using my big scissors, cause his little ones weren't working the greatest. I was a little nervous about my own fingers so close to those blades, but he did really well.

He liked cutting more than the actual weaving part of this project. He gave up and sat on my lap to watch me do it and make sure I put the right colors next to each other.  I asked to take his photo when he was completely done but he wasn't too happy about it. The project might not have been his favorite, but it ranks pretty high for me since I got a some quiet cuddling time with my big boy {who happens to be growing up way too fast lately}.

Thank you Jenny for your comment and inspiration for this Make a Mess Monday project!

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Jenny J said...

Yea! So glad it worked for you and the end result is awesome :)

katepickle said...

Oh we must have a go at this too... think my big kids would love it!