Monday, August 1, 2011

Make a Mess Monday: Earth, Air & Water

Making messes can be more fun for me personally when they occur outside of my house. Less clean up, you see. My all time favorite Summer time "make a mess" project uses three of the four natural elements: Earth, Air & Water {pretty sure making a mess with Fire might be called arson}.

Here's how it works:  
{step 1} Find a bunch of ordinary household objects, get creative and use your imagination. Turkey basters, a kitchen whisk, bowls, paint brushes, plastic animals and/ or any thing else fun!

{step 2} Head outside in the fresh summertime Air with all your objects/ play things. Fill a tub or several buckets with Water. Please, don't be stingy with the Water.

{step 3} Splash, Sink, Submerge anything and everything into the Water. Find Rocks, sand, grass or sticks to add to your buckets, moving them from one to the other. 

Most importantly have a great time. My little misters played at this for well over a couple of hours. Prepare for a fascinating afternoon of fun.

What's your family's favorite outdoor activity?

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