Monday, August 15, 2011

Make a Mess Monday: cooking

Contrary to the title we do not always celebrate "Make a Mess" on Mondays. Last week on Monday we walked to the grocery store to buy Rice Krispies for our messy adventure. But by the time we got home no one is in the mood for cooking.

Tuesday came and went. It was Wednesday afternoon when Little Man I started our batch of Rice Krispies Bars. Nothing too out of the ordinary- Little Man opened the box to scoop out the 5 cups cereal. While the stove was turned OFF he helped dump the marshmallows and butter into the pot.

I melted the the contents of the pot and the boys sampled a small snack. When it came time to smoosh the ingredients down into the pan, Little Man had a melt down. Not sure if it was his particularity about sticky hands or his lack of a Nap. Either way He was completely done, no amount of talking or bribery would convince him to try again. We washed his hands and I finished smashing to bars down tight. It wasn't till Friday that the boys and I enjoyed the spoils of our cooking experience.

"Make a Mess Monday" is a reminder that once a week I abandon my own particularities about being messy. The boys and I try out craft projects that might leave the house torn apart and give us all sticky hands. Hopefully we all experience something new and learn its okay to make messes.

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