Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i heart faces: pets week

This not so itsy bitsy spider has taken up a residence near the water spout in the front of our house. The little misters and I have been watching him make new webs and even seen a few of his "friends" that hang out with him on that giant home he's spun. Not exactly a pet but we'll let him stick around, as long as he stays outside. {For reference: he's about the size of a US quarter}

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Kristi said...

We have spiders that large take up resident on our front porch at night. I think they are so pretty - my husband on the other hand... :) At least they are gone in the morning!

Margaret said...

I find spiders fascinating, so long as they're not in the house! : )

Meribella Photography said...

I'm not so fond of spiders, but this is really neat!