Friday, July 8, 2011

Random Food Post: Fresh Strawberry Jam

Last summer I really wanted to pick fresh strawberries, but I missed the picking season. This year I had it on the calendar so as not to lose out. We drove to a local pick your own farm where they actually encouraged taste testing as many as we wished and the boys really took that to heart. As soon as I dropped a berry into the box, Click would grab it and eat it up. My box was not getting very full so I took the little misters (and their strawberry covered shirts/ faces) to ride the wagon while daddy filled the second box.

Daddy pretty much picked all these berries on his own, but the whole family had a ton of fun. So much fun that we went home and the boys took REALLY long naps. Long enough that Jerimy and I were able to make our first ever batch of Strawberry jam. We found a recipe online and then looked for canning directions. Without any of the proper tools; just a boiling pot of water and a pair of kitchen thongs, we managed to make eight jars of jam. All jars sealed completely and didn't break- how awesome is that for our first time? The jam was a little runny but it tastes delicious on bread or ice cream. Next time I think we'll add a touch more pectin.

After the boys woke up from their four hour nap (which is about double their normal nap time), the kitchen was clean and the jam jars were cooling and Jerimy was still figuring out how to store the rest of our 18 pounds of strawberries. Pretty much a great day.


rjherron said...

YUMMY!!!! Strawberry Jam is one of my favorite things:-)

mom2amanda said...

What a perfect day!