Monday, July 4, 2011

Make a mess Monday: Spider web

Little Man got these little blue "minute to win it" hangers from a happy meal. His very first happy meal, a complete treat and not typical in our household. He loved hanging them on each other like the real game but my arm was getting a little tired of holding the top hanger.

We were sitting outside one night and decided to make a spider web to hang the hangers on. I knew I had some random length pieces of string from some completed knitting projects. He thought it was so neat that we sat there counting, hanging and re hanging them the rest of the night. Ahh, simple pleasures.

On a similar note, I found this weaving project that I think would be completely fun to do when he's a little older. We'd just need to find a hula hoop to use, which we currently don't have.


Jenny J said...

I recall doing a similar weaving project in elementary school with a cardboard circle. We cut small slits around the edge about 1" apart and using twine or string we wrapped from one edge to the other making a web to weave yarn through. I bet my mom still has it in her collection of art work :)

Margaret said...

That's a great idea! Thanks for telling me about the cardboard.