Monday, July 25, 2011

Make a Mess Monday: Feet Painting

In an effort to really let go and Make a big old fat MESS- I took the little misters outside. They waited patiently while I set up a long sheet of paper, place mats at both ends (to hold the paper down) and put paint on the place mats.

Then it was ready set go! Except I didn't figure into account just how slippery wet paint can be. I tried myself after the boys took a few tumbles and I about landed on my rear end as well. BUT we did succeed in making quite the mess on the sidewalk, our clothes, and of course the paper.

I laid the foot painting on our lawn to dry while we hosed off with water. The only place I could find to hang this obnoxiously large painting was on the inside of our front door. In less than a week the boys have already tore it. Oh well- I wasn't planning on saving it, just wanted to paint with my feet.

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