Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Handmade Half Birthday Tilty Cake

Little Man and Click are 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 respectively this summer. With their birthday so very close to the Christmas season we have been celebrating their birthdays with a party in the summer. My husband and I are both summer babies and love being outdoors. There's so many more party options: grilling, playgrounds, swimming, and the like. This year their party was a bit last minute, having already had quite a busy summer. I wasn't able to make the invites or make any handmade presents for them.

After seeing quite a few super fun kids parties other people were throwing, I was feeling a little down about not making a big enough deal for the boys. I'm fairly laid back about parties. But I knew I really wanted to make the cake at the very least. I used two yellow cake mixes, three different sized spring forms and a few candy pieces.

I wanted the cake to be one of those super neat tilty layer cakes. Having never made a layer cake before, I figured it couldn't be too difficult. When I put the biggest spring form in the oven I propped up one edge so the cake mix was deeper on one side than the other. It baked a little bit longer than the recipe said but it did turn out slanted. Hooray! I let it cool and made the next layer in a little bit smaller spring form. It was laying flat on the oven rake but baked up with a rounded top. When it cooled I cut the top with a bread knife at a slight angle. The top two layers would become the individual cakes for the boys to eat all by themselves. One was a very small spring form, the very top was a cup cake.

Then to finish it off, I saw this polka dot cake and thought that it would be nice to use candy pieces for easy decorating. Since I don't have much practice frosting cakes, I thought I did a fairly decent job, but adding the candy's really made it pop. I think the boys were super happy with it- I put a ton of candles on because that's their favorite part- blowing out the candles.

Who says you can only put on as many as you are old??

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