Friday, July 29, 2011

Dragon Wings: a tutorial found in Blog land

I used this Dragon Wing tutorial from "I'm Feeling Crafty" blog to make these for Little Man. (Of course, Little Man was napping when I wanted to take photos of them. That's okay cause I think Click was a LOT more cooperative) They have elastic straps to keep them on, so they actually fit both of the boys.

I stole a few wire hangers from my mom's house to use. Instead of all Fleece (which might have been quicker/ easier) I used yellow flannel, Black cotton material and an inner layer of fleece. To finish off the raw edges I used the red binding for a little pop of color. I got them put together in about an hour or so.

Just look how much fun they are- I might need a pair for myself!


Vuong Family said...

when will these be in your etsy store? awesome!!

Margaret said...

You want a pair for your little man?? I'd be happy to make more.

Got any metal hangers?