Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yellow Heirloom Cross Stitch: Completed

After 5385 crossed stitches (that's over 10,000 individual stitches), which took me approximately 22-30 hours over the last three weeks, I finished what will hopefully become an heirloom cross stitch piece of art for my Nephew.  His Grandfather is Chinese and wrote his last name in Chinese Character. I added his first name and birth details to finish the original design. (The materials cost me about $8)

And here it is hanging in my sister's living room. I doubt that's where it will stay but it looked good for the photo shoot. If I had to put a price on my time, this would be over a $100 gift. But for my nephew it was worth it. I LOVED cross-stitching this new design in yellow.

**I've digitally edited his actual birthday for privacy sake
and yes, I did go a little cross-eyed counting all those stitches.

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Kjersten said...

It looks so good next to that print! What a beautiful gift. I love the yellow too.

Smallgood said...

You did a great job. What a sweet gift!

Jenny said...

This is absolutely amazing! What a precious keepsake!