Monday, June 13, 2011

A Wardrobe Makeover: sewing capri pants

As a my 32 birthday approaches, I've been looking through my wardrobe. A few of my clothes are quite a bit older than my kids and look like something a teenager might wear. Not that I'm an expert at fashion, and even though I love the extra pockets, "cargo" isn't a word that typically describes a thirty something's pant style. I like things simple, easy and most importantly, comfy. But I also want to look my age, weather that's to be taken more seriously or just to change things up a little, who knows. It's an excuse to sew and add pieces to my attire. (Yes, the scarf is new, three dollars on sale, I'm trying something new. I usually wear vests in this style even in the summer.)

I never thought in a million years I'd be someone who made my own clothes. But with the recent practice I had making Pajama pants, I decided I'd challenge myself to sew a pair of capri pants for myself. I have a pair that I LOVE and wear a lot throughout the summer. Since I bought them a few years ago, I haven't been able to find another pair like them. I figured I'd just use them as a guide to cut the fabric (which was also on sale) and puzzle it out as I went; complete with fake pocket flaps and my third ever zipper attempt (first on clothing).
I'm no sewing expert. My sewing machine has a lot of stitches, but I typically only use the straight one. I have a fancy button hole sewing foot gadget that came with the machine, but have figured out a way to do it just with zigzag stitch- cause the foot thing intimidates me. I just used a weird stitch I've never used before to finish the butt seam because I don't have a Serger. I suppose I could have just used a zigzag again. Oh well, live and learn.

I think these new pants would be "business casual", so I'm not going to be embarrassed to wear them to work and my co-workers might actually appreciate the fancier me. (I'm usually in jeans). I think I'll be making a few more of these. The next pair might be more casual fabric and maybe I'll try real pockets, if I'm up for another challenge.
What do you think? Am I looking thirty-ish (whatever that looks like)? 
Does anyone really ever "dress their age"?

*thank you to my sister for taking these photos of me!*
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Kjersten said...

I love the new look. The pants are fantastic. I can't believe you don't regularly sew clothes. I am totally intimidated to try it myself. Maybe someday... Maybe. I like the scarf too.

Margaret said...

I was also intimidated to even try, but practicing and figuring out a few things with the boys' smaller clothes gave me a bit of confidence to go for it. I'm not saying I'll make everything from now on but if I find something I love it's hard to let go once it wears out. Now I can recreate it as long as it's not too difficult.