Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two Lessons I've learned from a Father of 7

This past school year I attended an Early childhood and family education class with the little misters. One of the other parents was a stay at home Father of 7. He had 5 boys and two girls ranging in ages (13 to 6 months). But what stood out to me were a few of his parenting tips.

1. Cleaning up after company is all in the prep work.

If they throw a party or are expecting guests the children must clean up toys and put most into hiding. Leaving only a few baskets of toys for their company to play with. He's found that there was less fighting and after the guests leave there is only minimal clean up for the kids.

2. Use "our toys" not "his toy" to lessen the "MINE" effect

When a child is given a gift, they get to open it and be the first to play with it. Eventually these toys become "family" toys and are for every one's use. Each child can have two or three that are truly their own but everything else is shared property. Any special toy must be taken care of and put away or it can be played with by any of the other children. I thought this was an interesting way to approach fights and other issues that occur when we label toys as "his toy". By doing so he says he hears less of that dreaded word: MINE.


I love reading parenting books and observing/ learning other peoples parenting styles. I thought I would share these and other little tips that I find interesting, possibly adding a new dimension to my craft blog.  Do you have a great parenting tip to share? Leave me a comment and lets learn from each other.

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